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Teeth are crooked because they grow in tilted, sideways, overlapping or spaced apart. Typical braces are designed to move the crown of the tooth the first year, and the root of the tooth the second year. 

However, Fastbraces move both the crown and the root at the same time, offering much faster results with less sensitivity. Fastbraces bracket systems straighten the roots of the teeth toward their final position with just one square wire and straighten your teeth faster and less painfully than traditional braces. Treatment time varies but usually take about 120 days or longer.

Why choose Fastbraces?

Studies show that Fastbraces have the lowest friction (87%) when compared to other brackets. Fastbraces create less sensitivity and greater pain reduction. Research has shown wearing braces longer can cause root resorption (tooth root shortening), but wearing Fastbraces for a shorter time reduces this risk. For more information on Fastbraces or to make an appointment, call at 407-351-4104 today. A straight, healthy smile is within your reach!

For more information on Fastbraces call at 407-351-4104 or make an appointment.


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